COVID-19 Update

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, our Venom Chilli Sauce is not currently available, as production has been temporarily suspended. We are aiming to have production up and running again in the new year.

Thank you very much for your patience.

Blows your taste receptors to another level!


Steve’s Scientific Sauce is the leading venom sauce brand that delivers the wonder of science through delicious, everyday chilli sauce.

The concept is proven with domestic and international sales, and massive demand. Now we are looking to bring this sauce and brand to a market that’s clamouring for something different.

Steve is the real-life venom expert behind the science of our sauce. In a crowded market we stand alone as the innovative chilli sauce brand delivering flavour, fun and real science.

Spice up cheese on toast, add to fried chicken or simply challenge your friends. The possibilities are endless!

Steve’s Scientific Sauce is here and it's backed up by science!

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